October & November's Downtown Featured Artist - Patrick "Bruno" Tracy

Patrick “Bruno” Tracy is an illustrator who graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Vermont. Currently his work focuses on visually capturing the navigating of the chaos and eclectic nature of the creative process. He currently resides in Burlington, Vermont.

This series entitled, “Bottle Caps: Portland, OR” is the product of an exercise engineered to clear the mind in order to facilitate instinctive and immediate reaction to inspiration. They are drawn during my travels around the world and throughout the United States.

Starting from blank circles traced from a bottle cap, these drawings take on life through observations of the immediate surroundings. Then I take these observations, let my imagination draw inspiration from them and run wild, then BAM! You get a cool doodle.

Each drawing is inspired by a notable person, place, conversation or experience.

Contact the artist:

Email: Bruno@brunotracy.com