July & August's South End Featured Member Artist - Susan Essex Luce

A note from Susuan: One of my favorite local landmarks is Bren Alvarez’s brilliant filing cabinet sculpture on Flynn Avenue, located on the center line of the long-ago proposed Southern Connector. There is much to appreciate about it, from its commentary on bureaucracy to its artistic design. To me, it is a neighborhood-defining landmark - the Eiffel Tower of Burlington. I love looking up and finding that nature has taken up residence in, on or around it. It inspired my drawing and collage series, titled “Art, Hops and Kale, MMXVII.”

Another series of photos from the South End show what the new City Market at the corner of Briggs and Flynn used to look like. Most of the pictures were taken in 2014. I didn’t realize at the time that they would be preserving a part of the history of the area. At the other side of the South End, Rosie the Rhinoceros has captured my heart. Bursting through the clapboards of Steve Conant’s building on Pine Street, Rosie marks the seasons for South Enders.  I hope my work inspires residents and travelers alike to slow down, look around, and appreciate the beauty around us.

Contact Susan at sessexluce@hotmail.com for more information.