February & March Downtown Member Artist: Tony Shull

Tony Shull is a painter, sculptor, furniture maker and inventor. He lives and works in Burlington, Vermont. Tony’s artwork offers a different view of the world intertwined with a bit of his humor.

You can see two of his large mural projects in place in Burlington on the intersections of Champlain and North Streets (at Nunyun’s and Vantage Press). Another mural of his is located on the Drifter’s Patio on North Winooski Ave.

His accomplishments include inventing wind propelled art like the Wind Powered Guitar, Wind Powered Bubble Blowing Device, and the Irritating Bell Ringing Device.

He also creates furniture from driftwood and saplings and one-and-a-half-foot tall Robot Sculptures from discarded kitchen utensils and electronic devices.


To learn more or inquire about a piece contact:


Phone - 802-373-3764