April & May Downtown Member Artist: Stella Lillig

Stella Lillig’s latest acrylic and oil on canvas works are brightly colored abstractions anchored by geometric patterns evoking tunnels and infused with a slight graphic and Pop sensibility. Lillig’s works are nuanced and varied, incorporating elements of an earthy and raw vision which includes allusions to the industrial world, popular culture and metaphysical states of being.

The artist invented a unique way to paint using cement, acrylic, oil paint, images, words, numbers, and binary code, with the result that each work is overflowing with emotionality and yet tamed to a classic and stylized presentation. Jewish-Colombian born, Lillig notes that her works are deeply influenced by her extensive travels. Baroque music is also an influence, lending a lyrical elegance to the works. Ultimately, Lillig maintains that her paintings are about the harmony and unity of the collective and our connection to all things within the greater cosmos.


Stella has showed her works in many galleries in Manhattan, NY including Agora Gallery and High Line loft in Chelsea NYC 2018. In 2002 Stella started American Awesome Art – for more info please visit www.aaafnewyork.org. Stella is also a passionate fashion photographer freelancer.


To learn more or inquire about a piece contact:

Phone – 802-829-2506

Email - slillig@gmail.com

Website – www. stellalilligart.jimdo.com