Produce Department

Eight peaches are pictured from the side as they sit on a wooden table.

Our Produce Offerings

Our Produce department features produce from a wide array of growers, both large and small, sourced by dedicated staff who are constantly looking for new ways to connect you to the source of your food. We work to ensure that every piece of produce that lines our shelves is of the highest quality at a fair price, representing a diverse array of organic, fair trade, and conventional produce. We have close partnerships with many of Vermont’s amazing and diverse farms and are proud to provide an amazing selection of Vermont products. Come in and enjoy some of the best produce our region has to offer!

Produce Storage

How you store your produce can help minimize food waste and prolong shelf life, saving you money and frustration. Did you know that some fruits and vegetables produce ethylene, which can cause other fruits and vegetables to ripen more quickly? Storing ethylene emitters and absorbers separately can make a big difference. Check out our chart to know which is which! Here are a few other quick tips: 

  • Cut the leafy tops off of produce like carrots, beets, and radishes
  • Keep leafy greens in a container, or resealable plastic bag, with a paper towel to absorb extra moisture
  • When storing produce in the refrigerator, use a container or reusable plastic bag. Don’t store produce in compostable bags!

A roll of green compostable produce bags on a rack under a stack of brochures. The brochures have white text in front of a photo of assorted vegetables that reads "Produce Storage." Behind the rack is a produce display featuring brown baskets tipped on their sides. The baskets contain apples, pears, lemons and limes.