The Intervale Center: Kitchen Project

2017 Co-op Patronage Seedling Grants

The Intervale Center: Kitchen Project - Initial Grant Award: $7,350.00 (actual check: $8,979.75).

"The Intervale Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to strengthen community food systems. In the face of the massive challenges of hunger, poverty, environmental degradation and climate change, we believe in the power of good food to change the world. Our work starts in Burlington’s beloved Intervale; for nearly 30 years, we have cared for this unique community resource of 380 acres of farm fields, wetlands, trails and wildlife corridors in the heart of Burlington, where people come to work, learn and play. Our programs have a much broader reach, providing business planning, technical and marketing assistance to farmers across Vermont, growing trees for riparian restoration projects statewide, improving food access by providing 50,000+ pounds of fresh food to community members each year, and hosting thousands of visitors from Burlington and around the world, who come to learn about and be inspired by the impactful work we do.  

[The Kitchen Project] will strengthen the local food system by allowing us to better serve the needs of those who participate in our community food programs. One key to strengthening the local food system is changing consumer behavior, and consumers need confidence in their ability to cook with fresh vegetables in order for their buying habits to change. Our community food programs – specifically the Intervale Gleaning & Food Rescue program and the Intervale Food Hub, which serve 2,000 people in Chittenden County every year –are building that confidence through recipe samples and menu planning  that accompany members’ weekly local food bounty."

2018 Update