Improving Your Memory

    Memory just like muscular strength is a ‘use or lose it’ situation. The more any of us work our brains, the better we can process and retain information. Sensory stimulation is a key foundation of brain exercise. Try breaking out of habits like brushing your teeth, opening doors or drawers with the non-dominate side of your body.  Drive a different way to work, learn a game you’ve never played before or change those daunting sparkplugs in your car on your own – anything to get the synapses firing!
    In addition to all of the above, try a good B-Complex. The B vitamins protect neurons by helping to break down homocysteine, an amino acid that is generally toxic to cells in your nervous system. B vitamins also help in the production of red blood cells (oxygen carriers).
    Remember to ask your friendly Wellness dept. staff for recommendations on a good B-Complex, and as always, visit the Produce, Grocery & Bulk dept. for fruits, veggies and legumes that are high in the B vitamin family. Check out this great list of products to choose from:
Black Beans