Seven New Products You Need to Step-up Your Hair Game

John Masters Organics products have finally come to City Market and this-just-in, they’re amazing! We’re recommending everybody make the switch. Run, don’t walk! We’re not kidding. On top of being totally scrumptious (like so good you could eat the stuff) all of John Masters Organics products have no sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, DEAs, MEAs, or TEAs, GMOs, or any artificial color, fragrances, or fillers. None of their products are tested on animals, all essential oils are cold pressed instead of heat distilled (which kills the therapeutic properties of the plant oils) and all ingredients are as organic and biodegradable as possible as well as harvested in an eco-friendly manner. From their totally basic, unscented, and chique “bare” products to items with ingredients like “bourbon, vanilla and tangerine” or “apricot rose,” there’s something for everyone. We’re totally swooning.  Let us give you the run-down.

1.  Citrus & Neroli Detangler: This award winning product uses natural soy proteins and borage oil to replenish lipid content. It makes the perfect leave-in conditioner and will leave you feeling like you just walked out of a salon.

2.  Bare Shampoo/Conditioner: You asked for more unscented hair-care options and we heard you! These products use nourishing ingredients like chamomile, calendula, and jojoba to nourish and never irritate. They’re totally safe for color-treated hair and the smell like, well, absolutely nothing.

3.  Rose and Apricot Hair Milk: This divine concoction acts as both a leave-in conditioner, and a styling agent. It can be used to treat sun-damage, unruliness, or just plain make you smell like you stepped off of mount Olympus. Seriously. 

4.  weet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel: This alcohol-free formula is never dry or hard because it doesn’t use any of the synthetic, plastic, ingredients found in most commercial products. Instead, it uses certified organic aloe vera gel for hold and natural sclerotium and arabic gum for volume. It’s gluten-free and safe for color treated hair.

5.  Volumizing Foam: Try this aerosol-free formula for all-day hold and lightweight volume that’s safe for color-treated hair and so very fun to foam!

6.  Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer: (Ok, personal aside here, this is my favorite stuff, and I’ve been known to pick it up when I’m in need of a little boost!) Ingredients like castor oil and glycerin create a luxurious shine and texture while tangerine and bourbon vanilla additives make this styling wax smell like a grown-up creamsicle.

7.  Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer: If you haven’t been living under a rock recently you’ve probably heard that serums are all the rage. Maybe it’s because people have finally figured out that there’s nothing better for the body than 100% pure organic oils, like the ones in this certified organic hair serum. In this blend, jojoba oil moisturizes the hair, while rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, lavender slows hair loss, and anti-inflammatory cedar wood treats oily scalp and dandruff. Just press a few drops into your hair for an easy mid-day aromatherapy lift.

Remember, often we bring a few things in from new vendors on a trial basis, so if you love the stuff, let us know! We welcome your feedback and we really listen to what you like. We can’t wait to see what you think!