Advice From The Aisles: Summertime Scent Savers

To the trained wellness eye, there are several initial signs of an S.I.D. (Stinker in Distress). The furrowing of the brow, the frantic swiveling of hands, and many minutes spent standing in front of the impossible cliff of natural deodorants. Never fear though, help is always on its way. While it’s impossible even for our knowledgeable staff to personally try every single one of the deodorants we offer, we’ve still tried our fair share. So, to get you started (and save you time) here’s a few we’ve liked that we think might ease your suffering (and stink)! We think we just might have one for everybody.

1. For the fancy pants:

Schmidts Ylang-Ylang + Calendula: This deodorant smells divine, using a base of shea butter and cocoa butter. Vitamin E and Calendula will calm sensitive skin while baking soda and arrowroot powder work to fight and even take on a little bit of sweat. Plus, it comes in a jar that looks lovely on any bathroom sink and even better, is fun to scoop with your hands!

2. For the go-getter:

 Weleda Sage Deodorant: This deodorant is one of the original players and is great for on-the-go. Grab a 1 oz spritzer and keep it in your bag for a quick and stealthy spritz after a long walk uphill or before running into work.

3. For your hippy friend (or for you, hippy):

 Primal Pit Paste, Lavender: Need the really pure stuff? This stuff is so natural, you could probably eat it, although we wouldn’t recommend it. The lavender scent is one of our best sellers, and lavender oil is naturally calming, so relax. And it's Paleo-approved 

4. For the sensitive flower:

 Toms of Maine, Unscented: This oldie but goodie uses hops to naturally inhibit the growth and spread of odor-causing bacteria. Plus, it goes on lighter than the pastes and the barely-there-scent is great for people with sensitive skin.

5. For the localvore:

VT Soap Sage Lime: This stuff spreads on thick, like the Primal Pitt Paste but it's light sage lime scent is so summery and fresh! It’s a great pick for someone who wants to support a local business and get to use a fun twisty bottle.

6. For the person who’s “not too sure about this whole ‘natural deodorant’ thing.”

Zion Health, Clay Dry Deodorant, White Pine: This is probably the closest experience to conventional deodorant we carry, except it’s 100% natural. The white pine scent smells fresh isn’t overpowering and the natural clay is meant to sop up some of that sweat if that’s a concern. Consider it training wheels for the natural stuff but if you like it, there’s no reason to phase out!

Of course, if it’s something else on the shelf that might catch your eye, there’s always someone here to provide guidance and expertise to the odorous wanderer. So come on in and have a look and don’t sweat it!