Advice From The Aisles: Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Guys, it’s really, really good. Sure the Dr. Hauschka looks mysterious and enticing inside that secretive glass cage, but also maybe, a little more expensive too. Why so serious? Why do people gush over these unassuming looking little cream bottles? Is the stuff made of gold? Well, sort of.

Let’s start with your conscience. First of all, the company’s entire mission is to, “support the healing of humankind and the planet.” A little grandiose for a body care company, right? Maybe. Did you know that Dr. Hauschka is a for-profit business held within a non-profit corporation with no trustees or beneficiaries? This means that not only can Dr. Hauschka not be sold to any one person or business, but they also have a board of unpaid people whose sole responsibility is to make sure that every business decision Dr. Hauschka makes furthers their mission of healing. From their international fair trade initiatives, to ecologically conscious growing and manufacturing processes, you feel confident that by purchasing from Dr. Hauschka you are contributing to a global model for conscious business practices and a force for good.

The most important thing to know about Dr. Hauschka is that it’s a regimen. For example, you don’t scrub your face with the cleansing cream, you press and roll to stimulate your lymphatic system. Sounds a little hokey, but if you embrace the process and find the exact products recommended for your skin, you’ll realize that decades of a cult following can’t be wrong. Every ingredient has been meticulously chosen and each method of care developed throughout decades. If Hauschka says, “Press and roll,” then you press and roll. 

To find out more about what’s in individual products and which ones will work for your skin, and to find out more about individual processes, go the Dr. Hauschka website, or just ask one of our friendly wellness professionals.