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Fun Fair Trade Tropical Day Facts

• Fair Trade Certified™ bananas were a dramatic success in 2008. Thanks to strong consumer interest, imports jumped from 7 million pounds in 2007 to over 25 million pounds in 2008.
• Fair Trade is now more than coffee and bananas! Depending on the season, City Market offers dozens of fair trade groceries as well as fair trade avocados, pineapples, and mangos.

Measuring Fish Oil Supplements’ Impact on the Environment - By Lynn Ellen Schimoler, Grocery & Wellness Manager

Lately there has been increased discussion about fish oils and the ecological impact. Recently, I stayed up late to catch the VPT broadcast of ‘End of the Line’ – directed by Rupert Murray (former oyster shucker at a London restaurant). Narrated by Ted Danson, this film illustrates how demand for cod off the coast of Newfoundland in the early 1990s led to the decimation of the most abundant cod population in the world, and how with the advent of technology, fishing vessels leave virtually no escape route for the several population of fish that get caught in the quest for us to consume tuna, salmon, or the popular Chilean sea bass. The film pleads for the consumer to take responsibility in our choices when we buy fish, arguing that politicians play an enormous role if they choose to ignore the sound counsel of scientists and research groups who devote an entire lifetime to protect the oceans.

A Great Question Posed by a Customer!

A customer recently asked us a really great question regarding our refigeration system in City Market:
"Why don't you have clear plastic strips over your fridges to keep the cold in?"
And Brent, our Facilities Manager/Guru had this to say:

LaPlatte River Angus Farm Recall Does Not Effect City Market

City Market does not carry any of LaPlatte River Angus Farm recalled products.
LaPlatte River Farm is conducting a VOLUNTARY recall of the following:
10 lb and 1.5 lb packages of "LaPlatte River Angus Farm, LLC Natural Ground Beef" -- Each package bears the establishment #: EST.8751 and case code: 093491

City Market proudly grinds all of our beef in-house.
City Market isn't subject to this recall.

Please ask the Meat & Seafood staff if you have any questions.

Organic Milk Farmers Take a Hit

Three years ago, organic milk was like white gold: Health-conscious customers wanted it, supermarkets couldn’t get enough of it, and anyone who could sell it was making a killing as a shortage swept across the country. Almost overnight, though, things have changed.
To read more about Vermont farmers' struggle, go to: