Food/Nutrition News

A Message From On the Rise Bakery

To : Our Loyal Customers
Thank you for buying our product here! Due to increased demand, we are no longer able to supply our bagels, bread, and teacakes to this location, but we continue to make them fresh daily at our bakery and café in Richmond. It has been a pleasure to connect with so many of you through our baked goods. We hope you will continue to support City Market and make the trip out to the Bakery to enjoy our products.
All the best,
Ben and Rae from On the Rise

Product Recall: SpaghettiOs with Meatballs

Campbell Soup Company has recalled “SpaghettiOs with Meatballs” canned products due to possible under-processing. City Market has pulled all of the recalled items from our shelves. If you purchased any of the recalled products from the Co-op, please bring it to our Customer Service desk with a receipt to receive a full refund.
For complete information, please go to:

Vermont Soy’s Soymilk Production is Temporarily Stopped

Vermont Soy is currently upgrading their processing equipment, so our shelves of Vermont Soy’s soymilk will be empty for at least a month. We will keep you posted when they are back to producing wonderful, local soymilk.

Processing Nutrients with the Solvent Hexane: Spotlight on Infant Formula and Fish Oils

By Caroline Homan, Food Education Coordinator
About a year ago in the Onion Skin, I wrote about a report that most soybeans processed for the “natural” soy industry were being treated with the solvent hexane, a chemical possibly linked to cancer. Hexane is a petroleum byproduct of gasoline refining.