Food/Nutrition News

Recipe Substitutions: Oats, Cut-and-Dried

By Caroline Homan, Food Education Coordinator
One of the most frequently asked questions I hear about our Bulk department is the difference between the varieties of oats we carry: oat groats, steel-cut oats, rolled oats, and quick oats. There’s also some confusion about whether there is any nutritional difference between them, and about half the people who ask me phrase their question as, “So rolled oats are more nutritious than quick oats, right?” Actually, no.

Harvesting Close to Home

Most of you are probably familiar with the “three sisters” companion planting technique, where corn, beans, and squash are planted together on a mound to reap mutually beneficial rewards. The corn provides a natural support for the beans, which love to climb toward the sun. The beans, in turn, have nitrogen-fixing bacteria living on their roots that supplement the soil. This makes corn happy, because it requires lots of nitrogen to grow! Finally, squash is planted around the base of the mounds. As it vines out along the ground, the squash’s large, flat leaves act as a living mulch, keeping the soil moist and weeds in check. Its prickly vines also help deter pesky animals.

Gulf Oil Spill's Impact on the Seafood Industry

Most of us are aware of the catastrophic environmental disaster that occurred on April 20th of this year in the Gulf of Mexico, when an offshore oil rig exploded causing a deluge of crude oil to spill into the ocean water from an undersea well.

Wine Picks for Under $10

Our recently expanded wine department is bigger, better, and more shopper-friendly than ever! We have expanded our selection of French reds and whites, Malbec, Spanish whites, Rosés – the list goes on!

Looking for Deeter's Bakery's Bread?

Fear not! The good folks at Deeter's Bakery are on vacation until July 31st, but their bread will be back on the shelves soon!