Discount Days

Here at City Market, we offer 10% discounts on all supplements and all bulk items on select days. Every Tuesday, shoppers save 10% on all supplements during our Take Care Tuesdays and every Thursday, shoppers save 10% on all bulk items during our Bulk Up Thursdays

Discount Days FAQs:

  • Does the discount “stack” with other discounts? With the exception of special order discounts, yes, the 10% discounts combine with other store discounts, like Member Worker, Food for All, Senior, and Staff discounts. In these cases, the store discount is applied first, and then the 10% discount is calculated after.
  • Does the discount “stack” with sale prices? Yes, the 10% discount is applied in addition to sale/promotional prices.
  • Does the discount “stack” with special order discounts? No, the special order/case discount does not combine with this discount.
  • What items in Wellness does this apply to? Any item considered a dietary supplement is eligible. Dietary supplements are generally wellness items that you ingest, as opposed to items applied to the outside of your body. Supplements will also typically have a “Supplement Facts” panel on their packaging.
  • What items in Bulk does this apply to? Any item sold in bulk is eligible, including pre-packaged Tierra Farms items, liquid soaps, bulk jars and containers, etc. Items that are not eligible include: Pre-packaged coffees, tea and coffee hardware; kombucha ontap; bulk bar soaps in Wellness; bulk cheese and olives in Cheese 
  • I can’t make it to the store on Tuesdays and Thursdays. May I still get the discount? Unfortunately, no. These discounts are only valid on Tuesdays for supplements and Thursdays for bulk during regular business hours. Rainchecks are not allowed.