From Chèvre to Chevon: Q & A with Shirley Richardson, Vermont Chevon

Shirley Richardson grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont, but most of her professional career was in serving as a school counselor and principal. When Shirley retired from education in 2004, she and her husband, Michael Smith, started Tannery Farm Cashmeres raising cashmere goats primarily for their cashmere fiber.

Committing to Sustainability: Wildcrafting and Foraging

Mild weather and plenty of rain means we’re in that precious window of spring where young sprouts pop up, and the wet ground is a happy habitat for wild edible like fiddleheads, ramps, and wild mushrooms. Known for their tasty flavors packed into tiny bites, these wild edibles are only available for a few fleeting weeks, but they are definitely worth seeking out.

Words Matter

What’s in a word?  There’s the technical definition, yes, but our experiences and our perceptions can create a certain understanding of particular words that are different from what others may accept.  Likewise, new terms are being created regularly and sometimes even become mainstream (“selfie,” anyone?).  Given this, one of our biggest challenges with the rapidly expanding sustainability movement, is explaining the terms commonly used to describe sustainability (the “lexicon”) and making those terms accessible and commonplace to all people.  Without a common language, we can’t expect to m

It's the Little Things that (Also) Count

When I give store tours and talk about City Market’s sustainability practices, I usually focus on our 136 solar panels, which have been kicking out clean energy for just over a year, and our new LED lighting that is cutting our carbon emissions by 64 tons annually.

But little things add up too and City Market has recently instituted two small but important sustainability measures that deserve some celebration.

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