Slow Food

Community Class Spotlight: A Culinary Baking Adventure at Brot Bakery

Located off a dirt road in Fairfax, Vermont, Heike Meyer and her husband Jens run Bröt Bakery, a micro-bakery that specializes in organic, naturally leavened breads and pastries. With a custom wood-fired oven and a dedication to making hearty, delicious bread, Bröt Bakery is a favorite for City Market customers.

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony: Slowing Down and Catching Up

Last week, City Market hosted an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, led by Mulu Tewelde. Mulu grew up in Eritrea (just north of Ethiopia) and moved to Vermont in 2006. She is a successful cook and caterer, leading Authentic Ethiopian Night at Arts Riot with colleague Alganash Michael, as well as doing private catering events. For a unique social, cultural, and food event, she demonstrated an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, true to the way it’s formed every day by women in Ethiopia.

Bee Sting Bakery Visit

If you take a walk through our bread aisle, you may see some impressively dark loaves marked as a product of Bee Sting Bakery. As owner and lead baker, Heike Meyer would say “Don’t fear the dark crust!” This week, Heike led a tour of her bakery and a class on the wonders of sourdough baking. She and her husband, Jens, who she affectionately introduces as Chief Oven Manager, together run this picturesque and self-sustaining bakery out of their home in Fairfax, VT.

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