Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food: Farm Tour Recap, October Edition

On a warm and sunny Friday afternoon, with the landscape speckled in hues of red and orange, 14 City Market Members and staff jumped on a bus, and hit Route 7 to make our way south to Addison County. The area is known for many farms and food producers, and our group was excitedly headed to visit goats, a creamery, an orchard, and a cidery. It’s no secret that cheese and apples go together, and we got to see them both at their sources.


Artichokes? No way! I can sympathize with the sentiment.  Artichokes are a seemingly intimidating vegetable, what with its many leaves and spikes (it is the edible pre-bloom flower of a specific type of thistle).  But, once you know how to handle and prepare artichokes, the intimidation factor decreases.

Homemade Grenadine

Did you know that real grenadine, the syrupy sweetness that defines a Shirley Temple, is traditionally made from pomegranate juice rather than cherry flavoring (and skips all the preservatives)?  Given that we’re in the midst of pomegranate season right now, making your own homemade grenadine is a fun and relatively easy activity.  It also makes a great gift for friends and family!

Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

The holiday stretch can be a hard time to take care of yourself amongst the parties, family gatherings, and what seems to be an endless amount of cooking. This time of year, though, with limited daylight hours and schedules more packed than usual, it’s especially important to take steps that help us stay healthy.

Seasonal Treat: Eggnog

Eggnog is one of the seasonal treats that you either love or hate. But even if it’s not your favorite, it is an interesting beverage with a long history.

Eggnog is made from combining eggs, milk, sugar, and cream and spicing with cinnamon or nutmeg. Traditionally, raw eggs are used in this uncooked drink, however there are pasteurized varieties commercially available, or if you are making your own, you can cook the mixture or try making a vegan variety.

What’s Going On with Avocados?

We’ve received questions about avocados recently, specifically surrounding supply and price.  Turns out, there are multiple factors affecting our supply and pricing of avocados.  Below is more information about the state of the avocado market and what it means for us and our customers.

Local Summer Spotlight

Welcome to August! Late summer is a special time for our Produce department. Every day it is filled with bright, fresh new products from farms all over Vermont and beyond. With such bounty upon us, I wanted to shine light on some of our lesser-known veggies. Who knew linga linga would be a such a great addition to a stir fry? Or that some types of lettuce are grown for their delicious stalks? Here's the lowdown on some of our new favorites this season.

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