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Celebrating Our State Fruit

Did you know that the apple is the official state fruit of Vermont? According to the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association, our little state produces around 1,000,000 bushels of apples annually which equates to about 40 million pounds. While over fifty percent of apples produced are McIntosh, more than 150 varieties are grown on roughly twenty apple orchards throughout the state.

Dishing up a Recap: Women in the Industry, A Place at the Table

Earlier this month we hosted our twelfth installment of The Dish series at ArtsRiot in Burlington's South End. The Dish is a collaborative “series for inquisitive eaters” organized by City Market and the Intervale Center to explore hot topics in the food world. For this installment, we looked at the role of women in the food industry with the help of Change the Story, a statewide organization focused on women's economic well-being.

The Dish Recap: Food Waste

Last night we hosted our ninth(!) Dish panel discussion.  The topic of the evening was food waste and was moderated by Alison Nihart from UVM’s Food Systems Initiative. The panel consisted of Theresa Snow from Salvation Farms, Nick Savasta from Cheese and Wine Traders, Ren Weiner from Miss Weinerz, and Michele Morris from CSWD. This timely topic was even reflected in our snacks - Ren Weiner provided the crowd with samples of her doughnuts made with spent grains from Zero Gravity Brewery.  Delicious!

Tackling the Topic of Food Access

Our latest Dish panel discussion tackled the tough question of food access in Vermont and explored innovative programs and solutions for increasing food access for Vermonters.  When planning for this Dish discussion, we tried to keep in mind that food access is a huge, complicated subject, and that it would take many Dish discussions to fully explore all the different aspects of this topic.  So, we narrowed it down to focus specifically on the relationship between the local food system and food access in Vermont.  Just because something is local, does that make it more accessible?

Dispatch from the Dish

Last night at ArtsRiot, an eager crowd gathered for another great food discussion. In this third installment of The Dish series, our topic was “Global Foods, Local Perspectives”. For me, it was another fine example of Vermonters putting their values on the line, even if it means wrestling with some challenging questions. As a community that places a high value on local food and the farmers who grow it, while at the same time cherishing delicious global foods that we will never realistically grow locally (think coffee, chocolate and avocadoes), how can we make informed, value-driven decisions when purchasing those global foods? We can sum up the evening’s conclusion with three simple words: Tell a story.

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