Crop Mob

Flocking to the Fields for Open Farm Week

Last Saturday, a group of City Market’s trusty Member Workers headed down to the Intervale for a Crop Mob at Pitchfork Farm. This event was one of 102 events on 44 farms around Vermont as part of the Third Annual Open Farm Week. This weeklong celebration of food and farms began in 2015 as a collaborative effort among a number of members of the Vermont Farm to Plate Network.

Farmer Wannabe

I’ll confess: I’m a farmer wannabe. And I expect I’m not the only one.

I love spending a few hours at a farm, enjoying the sunshine on my face, working with my hands, and chatting with the farmers. But put me on a farm for two days and all my muscles turn into knots and dirt is so deeply ingrained in the grooves of my fingers that it never washes out no matter how much soap I use.

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