Community Class Spotlight: A Culinary Baking Adventure at Brot Bakery

Located off a dirt road in Fairfax, Vermont, Heike Meyer and her husband Jens run Bröt Bakery, a micro-bakery that specializes in organic, naturally leavened breads and pastries. With a custom wood-fired oven and a dedication to making hearty, delicious bread, Bröt Bakery is a favorite for City Market customers.

Ask the Community: What’s Your Best Natural Food Dye Recipe?

Photo Credit: The Bake Cakery

Finding natural options for food colorings seemed simple enough in my head, given how frequently I stain my hands, cutting boards, and clothes in vibrant shades of fuscia and yellow with messy recipes gone awry with hibiscus or perhaps curry. But when City Market hosted a winter cookie-decorating party a few weeks ago, the task of creating holiday-hued frostings and glazes proved somewhat of a difficult task.

Alternative Sweetener: Medjool Dates

Halloween is coming up fast, and right behind it is Thanksgiving and the holidays, which means we’re entering the season of sugar, sugar, and more sugar at our fingertips.  From Halloween candy, cider doughnuts, and your co-worker’s holiday cookies, there are a lot of temptations out there.  Other than swearing off sweets for the next three months, there may be a way to make it through without overdoing it on the refined sugar, but still enjoying the desserts of the season.

Aquafaba 101

If you are like me, the first time you heard the word aquafaba, you probably did a double take.  Aqua-what?  Perhaps this is your first time hearing the word and you are wondering what in the world it is.  Aquafaba is the word that has been given to the cooking liquid from cooking legumes (the liquid leftover when you boil beans, for example, or the liquid that is included in canned beans).  Aquafaba has been found to be a good vegan substitute for eggs.  Why the name? “Aqua” is Latin for “water” and “faba” is Latin for “bean.” The term was coined, and the technique of using aquafaba was established, in early 2015.

Sweet Talking: The Sugar Basics

If you’ve wandered through the Bulk department or the baking section in Aisle 1, you know there are a plethora of sweet, sugary options to choose from. So many options, it may seem, that it can get difficult to choose! From white sugar to confectioners’ to turbinado, what’s the difference between them all?

From the Experimental Pastry Kitchen

My mother raised tried to raise me to have a tidy kitchen. I loved baking from a young age, and she was always there supporting me as my dedicated taste-tester and advice-giver, but pleading from the sidelines that I please, please clean up as I go. Try as she might, I never quite got the hang of it and still prefer to do a deep clean after a full day or afternoon of work.

DIY Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread has been made from cultures found in tombs that date back thousands of years to ancient Egypt. That's OLD! But wild yeast from local grain and air will do the trick as well, and possibly better, than ancient sourdough strands from times and places goneby.

If we simply combine flour and water and wait, fermentation will naturally happen. That’s the message in Heike Myer’s sourdough bread class, which ran in April and will become a regular feature in June forward.

Bread for the Spread

Following up on Meg's post about butter, how about some bread?

Honey-Molasses Oatmeal Bread

Molding Ourselves with Gingerbread Cookies

I’ve made gingerbread cookies 3 times over the past couple of weeks, with different people, and in everybody’s hands they’ve come out differently, like the people who make them. As you may know, gingerbread cookies are a derivative of German lebkuchen, highly spiced, dark cookies that traditionally have to cure for weeks before eating. American gingerbread cookies are everything German lebkuchen are not – soft and pliable to the German rigid, rich with butter, lighter complexioned and smooth.

The first time I tried this recipe was while living in Austria, when an American friend baked some for me. She had just had twins, a boy and a girl, and she had somehow found a boy and girl cookie cutters to make and hang gingerbread boys and girls on her Christmas tree. One bite, fresh-baked and chewy with molasses, not too spicy, immediately transported me back home.


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