Burlington High School: Richard Meyer's Food Science Class

2017 Co-op Patronage Seedling Grants

Burlington High School: Richard Meyer's Food Science Class - Initial Grant Award: $671.00 (actual check: $818.68).

“Burlington High School is an innovative, equitable, and collaborative community of learners inspiring and shaping a dynamic and sustainable future for Burlington.  We build on the diverse cultures, experiences, and interests of our students and community to support student‐centered learning and foster intellectual growth.   We partner with families and the community at large to help our students develop the skills to become independent, self‐directed, and lifelong learners who contribute responsibly to our world.”

This project will be threefold. 

  1. Students will learn how to grow various plants (microgreens and herbs) in the greenhouse
  2. These plants will be used by students in the Culinary class at Burlington Technical Center as part of the meals they serve AND be sold to staff of Burlington High School AND if quantities exist, will be used in the cafeteria for all to enjoy during lunch
  3. Students will be conducting experiments testing various factors that may influence the production of the plants