Brent Demers

Assistant Director of Operations - Logistics 


Growing up in a small town in Vermont, Brent got a job as a bagger at a local family-owned grocery store, never thinking it might turn into a career in the food industry. He claims it happened “organically”, and that the Co-op felt like home when he joined City Market in 2001. Aside from some time spent working at a co-op in Bend, Oregon, Brent has enjoyed his 15+ years of being part of City Market’s success.

Brent continues to help guide and refine the Co-op’s general store operations through his special interests in sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and managing waste as a resource. He is especially proud to have been part of the design and equipment procurement team for City Market’s South End location.

Brent holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Champlain College, and has furthered his education by achieving his EPA Universal Certification, and completing a year of refrigeration classes.  He recently partnered with EPA’s greenchill to reduce City Market’s refrigerant emissions and impact on climate change.