Member Discounts

Co-op Members, and some people who are not Members, can receive a variety of discounts, from Member Work to non-profits to our Food for All program. Discounts do not apply to purchases of beer or wine. 

If you qualify for more than one type of discount, you will receive the discount that is the highest (discounts are not added together). For example, if you receive a Member Worker discount of 7% and also have a Bicycle Benefits sticker for a 5% discount, you'll only receive the Member Worker discount for 7% because it's the highest discount you are eligible for.

Member Workers

  • Two hours of volunteer time provides a 7% discount on store purchases the following month.
  • Four hours of volunteer time provides a 12% discount on store purchases the following month.

All Member Workers must attend an orientation and be at least 16 years old before participating in City Market's Member Worker Program. Click here for more information about Member Work.

Non-Profit Discount

Non-Profit Organizations can join as Members of the Co-op and receive a 15% discount on all purchases (excluding beer and wine). Applicants must provide documentation of non-profit status, which would include proof of non-profit corporation status in the State of Vermont or proof of 501(c)3 status.

A Non-Profit Member's Patronage Card is for business use only. Individuals who work for the business may not use the Patronage Card for personal use.

Food for All Program

City Market’s Food for All Program provides a 10% discount on all purchases (excluding wine and beer) and a 15% discount on items in our Bulk and Produce departments for Vermonters who are eligible to receive 3SquaresVT (formally called Food Stamps); Federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC); Supplemental Security Income; or Social Security Disability assistance. Inquire about signing up for the Food for All Program at the Customer Service desk at either store or by contacting Lauren Jones, our Membership Manager, at or 802-861-9707.


Customers who are over 60 years get a 5% discount - just let your cashier know each time you check out.  If you are a Member and the head of household for your Membership and are 60 or older, let a cashier know and they can add this discount to your Membership so that it is automatically applied as long as your Membership is active.

Bicycle Benefits

Customers who purchase a $5 Bicycle Benefits sticker, put it on their helmet, and show the cashier the sticker each time they check out will receive a 5% discount.