Sauces & Spreads

Orange Marmalade

Seville oranges are tart and seedy - not great to eat out of hand, but perfect for baking and making marmalade. The seeds are high in pection, which is why this type of orange works well for jams and preserves.

Spicy Ginger Maple Syrup

Try this spicy ginger maple syrup infusion and kick up your syrup experience!

Blackberry and Thyme Maple Syrup

Take your maple syrup up a notch with this blackberry and thyme infusion!

Zhug (Yemenite Hot Sauce with Cilantro and Parsley)

This is a fresh and bright spread or dip with a spicy kick, depending on which peppers you use. It’s great as a sandwich spread or mixed in with rice and vegetables.

Chipotle Cherry Barbeque Sauce

When warm weather arrives, it’s time to light the grills. Give this funky twist on BBQ sauce a try at your next backyard gathering. Combining sweet and smoky flavors with a little bit of acid makes for a delightful sauce. 

City Market's Chicken Mustard Sauce

This recipe makes a delicious sauce to highlight sautéed chicken.  It was taught in our Bird is the Word: Chicken Breakdown 101 class, led by our Chef and Prepared Foods Manager, Rod Rehwinkel.

Fiddlehead Garlic Scape Pesto

Vermont fiddleheads are the edible curly tips of the Ostrich fern. They actually get their name from their unique look—the curled top look like the handle of a fiddle! 

Toasty Parsnip Spread

This recipe was submitted in our We ♥ Local Parsnips Recipe Contest by Jeannie Bartlett.  Jeannie says, "Toasty Parsnip Spread is easy to make with ingredients already on hand. It can be a staple or made elegant - serving for a quick, to-go lunch or for a warming winter dinner party...It can be adapted to what you have on hand, substituting different nuts or seeds, vinegars, oils, and herbs. It has protein, healthy fats, and the healing phytonutrient qualities of garlic, turmeric, and sage."

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are looking for a fairly easy, hands-off DIY project that may save you a few bucks, consider making your own apple cider vinegar!  Learn more about apple cider vinegar.

Black Bean Sauce

Black bean sauce is commonly used in Chinese cooking and is made from fermented, salt preserved black soybeans.  The sauce is sometimes flavored with garlic, ginger, chilies, or other spices. It is used as a cooking sauce that is used towards the end of cooking, rather than a condiment, and pairs well with dishes that incorporate tofu, beef, and green peppers.


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