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This recipe was submitted by Anna Mays in our 2015 We ♥ Local Beans Recipe Contest. Anna says, “Who would guess that beans are the secret to the fudgy, gooey, chocolatey goodness of these decadent brownies? Rather than use a lot of saturated fats, processed sugar and dairy to create richness, this recipe uses beans, the natural sweetness of oats, and maple-sweetened cocoa to create a healthy and super easy dessert. Packed with fiber from the beans, oats and flax, these brownies are healthy, tasty, simple to make and can be enjoyed by those following gluten-free and vegan diets. Also neat to see that the beans, oats, flax and sweetener can all be sourced from Vermont. Don’t mention the secret ingredient and people will never guess!”

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Vermont Winter 3 Bean Pot Pie Recipe

This recipe was submitted by Amanda Kolifrath and was the winner in our 2015 We ♥ Local Beans Recipe Contest. Amanda says, “The variety of beans with the mixture of spices and the sweetness of the cocoa powder make for an interesting flavor. This meal is perfect for cold winter nights when you want to eat healthy but desire comfort food.”

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Swiss Chard and Bean Fritters Recipe

This recipe was submitted by Erica Green in our 2015 We ♥ Local Beans Recipe Contest. Erica says, “This recipe is a great alternative to a veggie burger and can be part of a vegetarian main dish. This yummy fritter is full of lots of good stuff from the Swiss chard and beans. The cheese and flour act as the "glue" - once cooked to a golden brown with a little bit of crisp, they are delicious!”

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