Springtime Pesto Pasta

Spread this light, fresh pesto on a prepared pizza crust and top with goat cheese before baking or broiling, and cut in small triangles for a seasonal appetizer. Add halved cherry tomatoes and snips of fresh herbs or garlic scapes if you like.

Spicy Shredded Pork & Cornbread Pie

This recipe was entered in our We ♥ Local Cornmeal recipe contest by Nancy Mock.  Nancy submitted the following poem with her recipe:

Spicy Shredded Pork
& Cornbread Pie
is hearty, delicious,
and a keeper says I!

With Nitty Gritty Cornmeal
and tenderloin pork,
it is tasty, indulgent...
a delight on your fork.

This savory-sweet pie
could be your new family fave,
Anytime Southwestern spice
with rich cornbread they crave!

Cheey Corn and Millet Casserole

This recipe was entered in our We ♥ Local Cornmeal recipe contest by Stuart Mays.  Stuart says,"The ultimate winter comfort food. The natural sweetness of the whole corn enhances the flavor and texture of the cornmeal. Millet, a nutritious grain often said to have a taste reminiscent of corn, gives bulk to the dish, and along with the eggs, makes it hearty and filling. The cheesy interior and garnish of melted cheese with a kick of jalapeño make the casserole warming and irresistible on a winter's night."

Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Cobbler with Cornmeal Biscuits

This recipe was entered in our We ♥ Local Cornmeal recipe contest by Kathryn Gaylord-Miles.  Kathryn says,"I spent part of my childhood in North Carolina. This combines flavors of traditional Southern cuisine into a hearty, healthy one-pan meal perfect for a snowy winter evening."

Goat and Yellow Split Pea Curry

Sate Thar Hin recipe from our Novermber 2016 class, A Mosaic of Flavor: Burmese Goat and Split Pea Curry w/ Tomato Salad! 

Vermont Lamb Rib Roast with Ginger Jack Glaze

This recipe comes to us from our friends at Shelburne Orchards. Nothing says hygge quite like a lamb rib roast in the middle of winter! Adding the Ginger Jack just seals the deal.

One-Pot Farro Risotto

This one-pot meal is sure to please with its super-savory flavors and heartiness. It is cheesy, gooey, satisfying and surprisingly good for you! Add leftover cubed chicken or some seasoned baked tofu to really rev up the protein.

Chicken Gremolata

You can vary this recipe to suit your tastes, serving the gremolata with fish, beef or lamb, for a bright herbal accent. Substitute arugula or cilantro for the parsley, or add a pinch of red pepper flakes for spice. Orange or grapefruit zest are delicious instead of lemon as well. 

Farmhouse Bean Soup

Use beans from our Bulk Department, or use canned beans for a fast and tasty weeknight main dish. Just add a side salad and a plate of corn tortillas. 

Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili

Sweet potatoes are a tasty way to add important nutrients to your diet like vitamin A, fiber and even protein. Substitute your favorite sausage, ground meat or meatless alternative if you prefer. 


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