Member Artists

Due to the closing of the South End store's cafe, we are temporarily suspending the South End Art Wall to be fair to our Member Artists. Our March Artist, Claire Graham-Smith, has kindly offered to leave her show up in the interim (see Claire's page below). Our Downtown Art Wall plans to continue as normal while respecting social distancing requirements as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? We'd love to feature your art on one of our Member Artist Walls!  We feature art from a Member Artist for two month periods at both our Downtown store on the wall near Register 10 and in our South End store on the walls on either side of our cafe.  If you are interested in displaying your art, please fill out and return our Member Artist Application and submit to

December Featured Member Artist - Madeline Desautels

Madeline Desautels is an artist originally from Harvard, Massachusetts. She went to school at the School of Museum of Fine arts in Boston and had a focus in ceramics and drawing/painting. She tends to work in a more abstract field, but will also dabble is realist art as well. She takes inspiration from the things around her, including nature, people and animals. She is currently living in Burlington, Vermont. If you would like to contact her please email her at 

November Featured Artist - Michelle Sayles

Michelle Sayles is a Burlington-based artist, teacher, and community organizer, whose work aims to shine a light on environmental and social injustice. She has created works of graphic journalism, large-scale comic art, community murals, political cartoons, and posters to inspire critical awareness of the world we live in. Sayles was selected as a finalist in the 2015 Segunda Llamada International Poster Competition and continues to work in solidarity with local and global movements for human rights.

October Member Artist - Co-op Month

October is Co-op Month and City Market is using the Member Art Wall to celebrate this year’s Co-op Month theme in a big way – Co-operatives Build!  Since we’re growing in the South End, we gave you a chance at our 14th Annual Food Fest and online to share what you’re most excited about with our new South End store.  Our co-op is building and growing in a big way – thanks for sharing in the excitement!

September Featured Member Artist - Petr Kepka

Petr Pavel Kepka is an award winning videographer and music teacher from the Czech Republic. One of his passions throughout his life has been his love for the capital city of Czech Republic, Prague. Petr has been filming the architecture of Prague for 17 years and last 10 years he has specialized in night photography using HDR technology.  "I consider night photography a very challenging art to master. The final product can be done in many ways. One picture takes about 3 hours if you have a lucky day, or you can struggle with it for a week," Petr said. "I hope that this exhibition will bring my vision of Prague, my never ending inspiration and love, to Burlington and City Market customers."

August Featured Member Artist - Emily Treasure Greene

Emily Treasure Greene has been painting for almost a decade and is constantly working to expand her horizons. Born and raised in Ohio, she studied earth science and the environment in college, spent time at a portrait studio, and currently works in childcare. She loves to paint landscapes, abstracts, and experiments with color. Inspiration can come from anything that catches her attention; lately that has been utilizing the waste that art leaves behind. She hopes to continue to create art that affects people in a positive and lasting way.

Emily’s work can be purchased through her website:

July Featured Member Artist - Joe Kos

Joe was born in Albany, NY, where the urban setting influenced his first impression of art.  He started out with Impressionist paintings which spiraled into Abstract through the act of making art.  Joe likens his art to working with clouds of color.  Joe believes in experimenting and improvising with his art, which is a reflection of his approach to creating music, as well.

Send all inquiries to

June Featured Member Artist - Regina Baez

A lifelong passion for reading history and literature, a love and appreciation for 18th century style, haute couture of the 20th century, of flora and fauna, travel and my birthplace of Manhattan informs my artwork. Art, to me, is like breathing - it is essential to the mind and heart and informs life. My art has been infused and tempered by many places and events and especially by cherished people and pets. It has been inspired and nurtured from infancy by exposure to some of the world's preeminent museums. Life inspires art and art infuses us with life.

Contact Regina for pricing on these pieces:

May Featured Member Artist - Bryan Briscoe

Inspired by baskets and how they are made, I created a new body of original art work, “Basketry Arts.  “Basketry Arts” will provide art collectors a fresh look at new original paintings and drawings that celebrate Basketry.  In this show I used watercolors, acrylics and a mix of mediums to achieve a natural feel for each work.  The aesthetics of my work is not so much focused on beautiful art, but the color expression to help communicate the concepts.  I enjoy painting from self-expression and using my first impression of the subject as a vehicle to explore the concept, then visually translating that on to the surface type that makes the most sense.

For purchasing information, contact Bryan at (518) 572-2337 or at

April Featured Member Artist - Sarah Fidler

Sarah is a pastry chef by training but enjoys all forms of art as a way to relax and express her creativity. She has been painting for approximately 14 years and enjoys working on large scale, abstract pieces. Her first influences were Pollock and Rothko. Originally from Western New York state, Sarah now calls Burlington home with her husband and their Great Pyrenees puppy.

March Featured Member Artist - City Market

This March, City Market is using the Member Art Wall to celebrate its Rally for Change program – a simple way for customers to round up their purchases to the next whole dollar to collect donations for local non-profits! Throughout the month of March, check out the Art Wall to learn some amazing statistics about what your donations have accomplished and find out more about a few of the non-profit organizations that have benefitted from these donations.  Learn more about this program here.