Member Artists

Due to the closing of the South End store's cafe, we are temporarily suspending the South End Art Wall to be fair to our Member Artists. Our March Artist, Claire Graham-Smith, has kindly offered to leave her show up in the interim (see Claire's page below). Our Downtown Art Wall plans to continue as normal while respecting social distancing requirements as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? We'd love to feature your art on one of our Member Artist Walls!  We feature art from a Member Artist for two month periods at both our Downtown store on the wall near Register 10 and in our South End store on the walls on either side of our cafe.  If you are interested in displaying your art, please fill out and return our Member Artist Application and submit to

September Featured Artist - Kara Torres

For me, home is not a place but a feeling of absolute presence too fleeting to be possessed. In this series, I sought to harness the intangible feeling of home as I experience it. By combining the easy accessibility and familiarity of cartoon imagery with the mysterious subconsciousness of intuitive art—the safety and comfort of the known and the bittersweet longing for the unknown— I hope to free the viewer from their reliance on language as a means of ownership and instead allow them to experience that vague, ephemeral familiarity of feeling profoundly at home.


Kara Torres, who also operates under the name Fine Forager, is a Burlington-based artist best known for her intricate, cartoon-style black & white line drawings and her jewelry made from found objects; she can be found on Saturdays at the BCA Artist Market.

Please contact for inquiries about art purchases, payment plans, and commissions

August Featured Artist - Corrine Yonce

Artist Corrine Yonce paints because people are so beautifully diverse and nuanced; it is important to take to the time to pause, to put positive energy into this acknowledgement that beautify is inherent, unique, universal, and so we can be grateful for the individuals in our community.  

These painted portraits are shared as part of the ongoing story sharing project, Voices of Home. Voices of Home combines the audio narratives and painted portraits of affordable housing residents in a work that demonstrates the importance of safe, healthy, affordable homes. For each painting, call the listed phone number to hear the corresponding interview. To hear more interviews, visit  This piece has been brought to you by Burlington City Arts, CVOEO’s Fair Housing Project, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development as part of the good work of the Vermont Affordable Housing project and Vermont Youth Tomorrow.

July Featured Artist - Megan Stearns

For Megan, art is activism. Her primary passion is animal welfare, and she believes that the core misperception underlying maltreatment of animals (especially in factory farming, animal testing, and the use of live animals in medical training) is a lack of awareness of their sentience, individuality, and emotional lives. Megan strives to capture those qualities in her animal portraiture—to convey the intelligence, personality and emotion of each animal. The families that commission these portraits do so to honor the beautiful individuality of the animals they came to loved.

These works were originally created in soft pastel on paper. The pieces in this show are digital reproductions made with archival inks on watercolor paper.

Megan works out of her home studio in Hinesburg.

June Featured Artist - Chime ZerØ

Hailing from the small town of Derby in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont comes artist Chime ZerØ. Art has always been a passion of Chime ZerØ. Ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil, Chime ZerØ was drawing and painting. He refined his artistic skills throughout his schooling; always doodling in his notebooks. It was in college, where he studied Art History, that Chime ZerØ was influenced and birthed his style.

May Featured Artist - Bryan Briscoe

"Reminding Spring", my new show, is a mixture of nature-inspired original acrylic and watercolor paintings.  I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in 1988, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree.

April Featured Artist - Edward Lincoln

Edward was a commercial photographer in Boston, MA; Providence, RI; and Woodstock, VT from 1963 -1973. He worked for Cushing Studio, Lenscraft Studio, The Boston Globe, and The Providence Journal. Being from art school, Edward was hired to make feature photos for the front page of the newspapers, specifically, not to be hard news. The photographs in his display represent painting with a digital camera from the modern era. Since the 1960’s he's been a dairy farmer, house builder, vineyard owner, and refrigeration engineer.

March Featured Artist - Elliot Diana

My art is derived from pieces of the natural world, and from figments of my own imagination. I allow these flow into our physical world though pencil, ink, prints, carvings, and things that I find in our Northern Forests. I have been mentored by family members, teachers, friends and the wilderness in the art of creativity and curiosity since I can remember and I thank them all for the ability that they have helped me develop. My inspirations are my grandad, my high school art teachers, James Guarino, and Zoë Myers. I hope you enjoy.



February Featured Artist - Art from the Heart BCA

This installation features artwork made at UVM Medical Center by patients, families, caregivers and volunteers. Art from the Heart is a volunteer program of Burlington City Arts and UVM Medical Center designed to help patients, families, caregivers and staff transform their care and feel better through art. Volunteers visit the hospital every day of the year to nurture exploration, imagination and expression through the arts. This program is run through Burlington City Arts and coordinated by Rebecca Schwarz.

January Featured Artist - Pamela Turner

I am a self-taught artist and started when I was young. I was brought up in Jeffersonville VT, went to 1yr at Johnson State College, and then enlisted in the Army. I worked in Recruiting Support where I learned how to silkscreen, mount and retouch photos. They sent me to Kodak to learn to retouch negatives. I earned a BA in Psychology at Johnson when I returned to VT. My artwork has ranged from drawing and painting different subject matter, carving wood then painting it, painting mushrooms, and making three dimensional art. Creating images from leaves/flowers and painting photos are my latest art endeavors.

December Featured Member Artist - Madeline Desautels

Madeline Desautels is an artist originally from Harvard, Massachusetts. She went to school at the School of Museum of Fine arts in Boston and had a focus in ceramics and drawing/painting. She tends to work in a more abstract field, but will also dabble is realist art as well. She takes inspiration from the things around her, including nature, people and animals. She is currently living in Burlington, Vermont. If you would like to contact her please email her at