Member Artists

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? We'd love to feature your art on one of our Member Artist Walls!  We feature art from a Member Artist for two month periods at both our Downtown store on the wall near Register 10 and in our South End store on the walls on either side of our cafe.  If you are interested in displaying your art, please fill out and return our Member Artist Application and submit to

February & March Downtown Member Artist: Tony Shull

Tony Shull is a painter, sculptor, furniture maker and inventor. He lives and works in Burlington, Vermont. Tony’s artwork offers a different view of the world intertwined with a bit of his humor.

You can see two of his large mural projects in place in Burlington on the intersections of Champlain and North Streets (at Nunyun’s and Vantage Press). Another mural of his is located on the Drifter’s Patio on North Winooski Ave.

January & February South End Member Artist: Mike Chase


Mike Chase is a Burlington based artist working in acrylic on canvas and acrylic on wood. In his free time he is a snowboard instructor and an avid hiker. To contact Mike about a piece, please go to or email


To learn more or inquire about a piece contact:

December & January Downtown Member Artist: Meg Reinhold

Meg Reinhold’s work expresses her curiosity and reverence for the natural world. As a landscape painter, an organic gardener and a cook, she creates these paintings to celebrate the beauty and tenacity of growing things and the physical and spiritual nourishment they provide.

October & November Downtown Member Artist: Marc Hurwitz

A Picture of Health: A Metaphor for an Idiom

September & October South End Member Artist: Kara Torres (Fine Forager)

My intuitive painting practice is heavily reflective of my childhood growing up in rural Vermont. I began painting as a way of processing my anxiety and working through the negative messages I received about my gender and sexuality. Generally, I start a painting with no plan for what I’d like to create. I choose a few colors that I like, focus on a specific memory, and start mapping out a visual representation of it.

August & September Downtown Member Artist: Kimberly Bombard

My preferred medium is oil. I love its slipperiness and tactile texture. I love delicately smoothing oranges, yellows, and light blues around a canvas.

From my very first memories, I have always seen myself as an artist. I vividly remember coloring in kindergarten: I experienced a pleasant feeling like a trance, a kind of meditation, pure joy. I still feel that way when I paint.

To to contact Kim about a piece, email

June & July Downtown Member Artist: Luke Carlson

“Spirit Animal” 2019


My recent oil paintings depict animals that have inspired me in some way. I am interested in the idea of a “spirit animal” that we humans feel represents our personality in some way. “Turtle in the Bathroom” was inspired by a friend of mine who identifies with turtles. While painting, I dream up situations the animals could find themselves in, such as the new bathroom in my parents’ house. In a couple of the paintings, I have experimented with placing the animal subject in backgrounds that are influenced by places I have lived or traveled to. The tradition of representing animals goes back to the first images made by humans in caves.


Luke Carlson is from Schenectady, NY. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014. He is looking forward to painting “en plein air” in Vermont this summer. 


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