Banana Oat Bar

Need breakfast on the go? Make these easy breakfast bars ahead time, and freeze ‘em until you need ‘em! 

Cajun Chestnuts

This recipe is influenced by the southeastern United States and has a bit of a kick!

Roasted Cauliflower

Serve these cauliflower florets hots as a side dish or as a healthy snack!

Pickled Rhubarb

Want a new way to use rhubarb? Try pickling it! These pickles go well on salads, on a cheese plate, or paired with smoked fish.

Charred Snap Peas with Mint and Lemon

Poultry and fish pair well with this simple vegetable dish and leftovers can be chilled and served in tomorrow’s lunch salad. Change the profile of this dish by using a flavored olive oil or seasoned, smoked or coarse-crystal salts, such as kosher or Maldon. But proceed with caution, as flaky salts dissolve faster than granular salts on the tongue, resulting in a saltier flavor. Crush the flakes between your fingers and add a pinch at a time to suit your taste.


This dish was taught in a Cuban Cooking Class in August 2014. It's a simple, yet delicious, snack or dessert!  Make sure the plantains you use are ripe, which means they should have a very black skin.

Nut Butter and Flax Powerballs

Place these in a tightly-sealed container and store in the freezer for a convenient energy-boosting snack. They‘re a great addition to a party tray, too, with raw vegetables and dried fruit. Substitute peanut or cashew butter for almond, if you prefer.

Moroccan Couscous with Lamb

Green mint tea and a hearty flatbread make this a satisfying snack or serve the lamb couscous with a chicken tagine as part of a flavor-filled North African meal.

Savory Herb Cheese Bites

These fun little bites are perfect for entertaining. Make cheese lollipops using thin pretzel sticks, serve cheese balls with water crackers or baguette slices, or try changing up the flavors.

Apple Pie Snacks

This is a fun, seasonal snack for kids of all ages. This recipe was taught as part of one of Kids' Cooking Classes.


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