Becoming a Co-op Vendor


The Guide to Becoming a Vendor at City Market
We’re always looking to bring more local and regional products into our Co-op (click here to learn which local products we are looking for)!  We feel a successful vendor/distributor relationship needs to be beneficial for both you and us. Some things that we consider in beginning new relationships with vendors are product quality, quantity, price point, availability, potential “fit” of the product into our mix, and distribution. 

The first step to becoming a vendor at City Market is to contact the appropriate person (listed below) depending on the type of product you would like to sell.  If you have general questions, please email

Facilities Department
Contact Facilities Manager, Brett Frazer at 802-861-9749.

Produce Department
Interested in selling fresh produce to City Market, Onion River Co-op? Produce buying is planned out ahead of time. The Produce Department establishes a time line to identify crops and growers, so typically the Co-op will meet growers in the winter and plan for the upcoming year. The Co-op will designate a primary vendor and a secondary vendor for each crop. For example, lettuce will have a primary vendor, and secondary vendors will fill-in during times of shortage or should problems arise.

If you're interested in becoming a produce vendor please contact Produce Manager, Jason Pappas at (802) 861-9727 or to schedule an appointment.

All other new vendor requests should be submitted to:
Please include contact info, product description, and pricing details.

Once accepted we’ll provide you with a “how-to sheet” that describes how invoices are to be filled out as well as time lines at the receiving dock.