Reverse Osmosis Water

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process where you demineralized or deionize water by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane. This process improves taste and odor of water by removing contaminants and it also removes impurities that include limescale, chlorine, silt, and much more. 

How can I get Reverse Osmosis Water?

You may bring your own container or purchase one of our jugs. After filling up, please bring your water to the register to pay or show your Member card so that we can track water usage. The price of the RO water is 39¢ per gallon if you're not a Member. At our Downtown location, you can find our RO machine next to our kombucha tap, between Aisle 5 & 6. At our South End location, you can find the RO machine in the back on Aisle 1. 

Free for Members!

One of the many benefits of being a Member of City Market is that you have access to free reverse osmosis water, which is available at both of our locations. Be sure to check out more benefits of being a City Market Member

The image below walks through the entire Reverse Osmosis process.