No Fail Vinaigrette

Spruce up your greens with this easy, shake-able, endlessly adaptable recipe. Possible Adaptations: Just before serving, pour out the amount you need, then add anchovy paste, garlic and lemon zest to make a Caesar dressing. Looking for a Greek dressing? Whisk in feta cheese, lemon juice and fresh oregano. Thin it with crème fraîche and minced chives to make a French-accented creamy dressing. 

Camille's Dressing

This dressing is deliciously nutty and packs a lot of flavor into any meal! Our favorite use is to pair this dressing with a hearty kale salad. This recipe calls for nutritional yeast which is an inactive yeast and contains a number of essential B vitamins. It has a flavor oftentimes described as nutty and cheesy. You can find nutritional yeast in the City Market bulk section. 

Boosted Tahini "Caesar" Dressing

A little hummus makes this dressing very creamy and the capers are a must for that sharp bite of a typical Caesar dressing. Great vegan option for topping salads or adding to wraps. 

City Market's Green Goddess Dressing

A quick, easy and delicious dressing that pairs perfectly with your favorite salad. 

Vegan Caesar Dressing

Get the creamy, tangy, salty goodness of Caesar dressing – sans dairy and anchovies! Try it on greens with vegan coconut bacon and crumbled walnuts for a get-out-of-town good vegan Caesar salad. 

No-Fail Vinaigrette

Spruce up your greens with this easy, shake-able recipe. 

Zucchini Noodles with Mango-Mint Dressing

This recipe was taught in one of our City Market cooking classes on Inspired Vegetarian food, with instructor Jessica Bongard from Sweet Lime Cooking Studio. While the recipe suggests using a tool called a spiralizer to slice the zucchini, you can also slice it thinly into strips with a knife or a mandolin.


Less fat than the classic version, but just as good. Best used on cold, steamed vegetables, any type of lettuce, mixed greens, or finely shredded raw vegetables such as carrots and cabbage.

Pesto Salad Dressing

This salad dressing is adds a summery zip to any salad.

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