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Friday, July 9, 2010
Meg visited Adam's Berry Farm recently, and has this to report: I didn’t grow up in a farming family. My parents grew a few gnarled tomatoes each year and that was the extent of my agricultural experience as a kid. And yet, each July, we’d go out to the U-Pick blueberry farm for a few flats of...
Monday, July 5, 2010
City Market invites Co-op members to join in a farm tour of Zack Woods Herb Farm and Elmore Mountain Farm, along with a stop at Boyden Valley Winery for lunch and wine-tasting. Stroll through beautiful fields of flowers, meet adorable baby goats, and learn more about life on these wonderful farms....
Thursday, July 1, 2010
On Sunday, July 4th, the store will be open its regular hours of 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Happy 4th of July, Everyone!
Sunday, June 27, 2010
Try out Morton & Bassett Bottled Spices.
Friday, June 25, 2010
I’m excited to announce that community cooking classes are coming to the Old North End. On Tuesday night, I taught a pilot class on yogurt-making. It was a lot of fun to connect with neighborhood folks around cooking in the Old North End. Homemade yogurt class at the Community Kitchen at Chubby ...