Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS)

COTS is Vermont’s largest provider of shelter and services to those who are homeless or marginally housed. Their programs include three emergency shelters, two overflow shelters, a daytime drop-in center for adults, Veterans Housing, a Housing Resource Center, social services, and housing for people who have moved out of shelter or who are disabled.

Job Summary: 

The following is a list of our ongoing opportunities:

  • Snack Program volunteers
  • Playroom volunteers
  • Book Buddy volunteers
  • Garden volunteers
  • Daystation lunch volunteers
  • Front desk volunteers
  • Seasonal Winter Warming Shelter volunteers*
  • Special events

For more information, go to:

*COTS is looking for additional volunteer support at their seasonal winter warming shelter, a low barrier shelter that can hold 50 people located under their Daystation at 179 South Winooski Ave. Volunteer support is needed between 6pm and 7am daily.  The primary role of volunteers is to help maintain a safe and supportive environment while building trusting relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness.  If interested in volunteering at the winter warming shelter, contact Lori at

Contact Info: 

Lori Goldman or (802)864-7402

Web Site: