September & October's South End Featured Member Artist - Annie Caswell

Exploring my creativity with passion and introspection fuels my soul. The transformation my ideas go through from conception to completion inspires and challenges me. The photographs on canvas and paintings come from several years of traveling and working around the world. From Delivering sailboats, teaching English in Thailand, to a garden walk in Burlington, VT. Wherever you are, there is always something to capture that is beautiful, even within devastation.

I am a self-taught sculptor and painter: I hold an associate’s degree in photography and a bachelor’s of fine arts with a cultural studies minor. I enjoy teaching and have taught at a number of organizations including my own Creative Crossings Art Studio (Richmond, VT, closed now). My art has been exhibited in both Europe, Thailand and the U.S.A. My artwork can be seen online at, www.facebook/kissedbyfirecreations and my online store at www.zazzle/ I have been selling my Artwork since 1981.

Annie Caswell can be reached at: