September Featured Artist - Kara Torres

For me, home is not a place but a feeling of absolute presence too fleeting to be possessed. In this series, I sought to harness the intangible feeling of home as I experience it. By combining the easy accessibility and familiarity of cartoon imagery with the mysterious subconsciousness of intuitive art—the safety and comfort of the known and the bittersweet longing for the unknown— I hope to free the viewer from their reliance on language as a means of ownership and instead allow them to experience that vague, ephemeral familiarity of feeling profoundly at home.


Kara Torres, who also operates under the name Fine Forager, is a Burlington-based artist best known for her intricate, cartoon-style black & white line drawings and her jewelry made from found objects; she can be found on Saturdays at the BCA Artist Market.

Please contact for inquiries about art purchases, payment plans, and commissions