October & November Downtown Member Artist: Marc Hurwitz

A Picture of Health: A Metaphor for an Idiom

Marc embarked on his photographic journey ten years ago, recording things that caught his attention. His perspective from the start has been to capture snippets (small pieces) of the world one photo at a time.  This could be a flower, or a tree against the sky, an interesting sign, a design comprised of colorful tiles, a sculpture, an illuminated display, a wall mural, etc. Or it could be just a part of any of the above. This show, A Picture of Health: A Metaphor for an Idiom, uses the fracturing of a photograph into pieces as the metaphor depicting the idiom “picture of health.” To understand his inspiration, you’ll need to see the show.


Marc can be reached at: snippetsofrtw@gmail.com.


Marc kept a travel blog for a number of years.  Here's a link: http://snippetsof.org/