November Featured Member Artist - Kimberlee Forney

Growing up in Milton, Vermont, Kimberlee Forney enjoyed drawing and painting realistically from life or from photographs. Her favorite subjects are based around nature and include animals, plants, people and landscapes. In addition to nature, she currently enjoys portraying subject matter that pertain to music and people.

In 2000 she graduated Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania with a degree in Studio Art. While there, she studied various artistic mediums, including printmaking, lithography, sculpture, drawing and painting.

Following graduation, her signature abstract fantastical style developed out of a basic idea about a social scene with these colorful humanoid forms embedded in the scene. They would be enjoying music and good company. The mood would be conveyed through use of color and texture within the piece, in addition to the placement of lines. Other pieces soon followed and so far there are 500 original images in her signature style.

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