May's Featured Artist - Melanie Brotz

Melanie's passions for environmental protection, wild plants and healing, community building, and nurturing love, kindness, and connection all fuel her art making.  Her paintings, environmental art pieces, sculptures, and mixed media art are inspired by the natural world; patterns, shapes, shadows, colors, textures, and the animals, plants and landscapes she encounters.  Playing outside, looking, listening, touching, learning, and wondering lead to new possibilities.  Favorite materials are found objects, driftwood, seed pods, birch bark, snow, sand, wool, shells, seaweed, leaves, and rocks.  Melanie challenged herself to use only found, recycled, or re-purposed canvases and frames for the Owls, who presented themselves as a theme with many potential variations; and obviously some kind of very profound, deep meaning ;)

The Twig Stars and Owl paintings are all available for purchase.  Contact Melanie at