February Featured Member Artist - Alicia Pacelli

Astral Inspirations by Alicia Pacelli

I grew up as the daughter of an Astronomy teacher, so stars have always been an important presence in my life.  I can barely name the constellations, (I can really only be sure of the Big and Little Dippers, and Orion's Belt) and I'm lucky if I can identify what appears to be an extremely bright star as a planet (most likely it's Venus).  However, I am and always have been fascinated by the night sky.

This fascination with all things astral is my inspiration when I paint.  Whether it's star, planet, nebulae, or galaxy, I am completely hypnotized, mesmerized, and captivated.  When I stare up at the night sky I feel connected to the universe.  Then there's also just something so liberating about painting an entire canvas black.

Alicia Pacelli is a recent graduate of Saint Michael’s College and is currently living and working in Burlington.