Cheese Department

Original PlymouthOur cheese department is filled with local, artisanal, and unique cheeses, from handmade burrata to sheep's milk cheese to Shelburne Farms aged cheddar. Each month, we have a "Cave to Coop" special, highlighting and promoting a local cheese and wine pairings. Keep an eye out for this sign in our Beer and Wine Department:

Don't know which cheese to pair with your bread or wine? As always, our Cheese Department staff would be happy to help you choose!


April's Cave to Co-op Special:

Plymouth Artisan Cheese
Plymouth, VT

  • Traditional, granular curd cheese
  • Made with raw cows’ milk
  • Sharp with notes of butter, fruit and nuts
  • Great cooking cheese
  • Pairs well with round, full-bodied flavors and fruity, spicy, & smooth flavors.  We suggest trying Ferrari Carano Fumé Blanc and Layer Cake Malbec.

Plymouth Artisan Cheese website