Cheese Department

Mad River BlueOur cheese department is filled with local, artisanal, and unique cheeses, from handmade burrata to sheep's milk cheese to Shelburne Farms aged cheddar. Each month, we have a "Cave to Coop" special, highlighting and promoting a local cheese and wine pairings. Keep an eye out for this sign in our Beer and Wine Department:

Don't know which cheese to pair with your bread or wine? As always, our Cheese Department staff would be happy to help you choose!


February's Cave to Co-op Special:

By Dave Lauber, Cheese Buyer

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Co
South Woodstock, Vermont

  • cows' milk with Harpoon beers
  • Rindless
  • Fragrant, nutty and hoppy
  • Perfect on a burger, in grilled cheese or grated on baked potatoes
  • Pairs well with La Ferme du Suzon Cotes du Rhone and Evolucio Furmint