Cave to Co-op Cheese

Paisley Blue

Bonnieview Farm
Craftsbury Common, VT

  • Natural rind blue cheese
  • Made with raw sheep and cows' milk
  • Creamy, slightly crumbly, lots of mild bluing
  • Pairs well with rich, red fruit notes and sweet whites, such as Plungerhead Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon and Chateau Ste Michelle Select Harvest Riesling

Bonnieview Farm website


Dave Lauber, Cheese Buyer
Cheese Department

Lillé Bébé

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company
South Woodstock, VT

  • Coulommiers-style, bloomy, delicate and edible rind
  • Made with pasteurized cows' milk
  • Supple paste core surrounded by rich, creamy body
  • Mushroom nuances with notes of nut and butter. The rind lends a salty bite
  • Pairs well with rich, earthy, full-bodied reds like Brotte La Grivelière Côtes du Rhône; citrusy French wines with good minerality like Domaine Fournier Sauvignon Blanc; and sparkling wine like Bellafina Prosecco

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company website


Dave Lauber, Cheese Buyer
Cheese Department

Alpha Tolman

The Cellars at Jasper Hill
Greensboro, VT

  • Alpine-style, aged 8-12 months
  • Made with raw cows' milk
  • Dense, pliant texture
  • Buttery, fruity, nutty flavor when young, meaty flavor when mature
  • Pairs well with full-bodied plummy reds, such as Durgutti Malbec, and rich buttery whites, such as Corvidae Mirth Chardonnay

The Cellars at Jasper Hill website

Dave Lauber, Cheese Buyer
Cheese Department


Consider Bardwell Farm
Pawlet, VT

  • Aged 4-6 months, natural rind
  • Made with raw cows' milk
  • Creamy texture with bright bite
  • Mild, buttery, and rounded flavor
  • Pairs well with crisp, fruity, floral wines such as Pratch Organic Grüner Veltliner and Grand Bouqueteau Chinon Rosé

Consider Bardwell Farm website

Cheese Department


Vermont Shepherd
Westminster, VT

  • Aged 4-5 months, natural rind
  • Made with raw sheep and cows' milk
  • Rich butter and mushroom flavor
  • Pairs well with crisp, fruity, floral wines such as Tilia Torrontes and Fantini Farnese Trebbiano

Vermont Shepherd website


Dave Lauber, Cheese Buyer
Cheese Department

Bon Pere

Boston Post Dairy
Enosburg Falls, VT

  • Aged 3-4 months, red paracoat rind
  • Made with pasteurized goat and cows' milk
  • Sweet and creamy, flavor intensifies as it ages
  • Pairs well with smooth and semi-dry wines such as Evolucio Furmint Tokaj and Cottonwood Creek White Blend

Boston Post Dairy website

Cheese Department

Pyramid Scheme

Champlain Valley Creamery
Middlebury, VT

  • Ashed, bloomy rind
  • Made with organic cows’ milk
  • Best eaten with bread and perhaps a drizzle of honey or dab of jam
  • Pairs well with dry, balanced fruit flavors, such as Juvé y Camps Cava Brut Rosé and Henkel Trocken Dry Sec Sparkling Wines

Champlain Valley Creamery website


Cheese Department

Original Plymouth

Plymouth Artisan Cheese
Plymouth, VT

  • Traditional, granular curd cheese
  • Made with raw cows’ milk
  • Sharp with notes of butter, fruit and nuts
  • Great cooking cheese
  • Pairs well with round, full-bodied flavors and fruity, spicy, & smooth flavors.  We suggest trying Ferrari Carano Fumé Blanc and Layer Cake Malbec.

Plymouth Artisan Cheese website


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Great Hill Blue

Great Hill Dairy
Marion, MA

  • Rindless, good crumb
  • Made with raw, unhomogenized Guernsey cows’ milk
  • Creamy, dense, and versatile
  • Pairs well with dry Rieslings and fruiter whites, like Saarstein Mosel Riesling and Sauvion Vouvray

Great Hill Dairy website


Cheese Department

Oh My Heart

Lazy Lady Farm
Westfield, VT

  • Handmade by Laini Fondiller
  • Pasteurized cows’ milk and cream
  • Double cream bloomy rind
  • Soft, buttery and alluring
  • Pairs well with Gerard Bertrand Viognier and Paul Prier Sancerre

Lazy Lady Farm website


Cheese Department


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