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Making Waste Taste Good: A Food Tank Summit Recap

Last week, I sat down with our South End Prepared Foods Buyer, Ashley Nunez to hear about her experience at the Food Tank Summit in New York City. Ashley attended this summit in October through a scholarship program created by the Vermont Fresh Network (VFN). The VFN Conference Program is “designed to help chefs, farmers, food producers, and others working in our local food system attend important conferences beyond our region, and to share what they learn…Our goal is to connect Vermonters to national networ

The Dish Recap: Food Waste

Last night we hosted our ninth(!) Dish panel discussion.  The topic of the evening was food waste and was moderated by Alison Nihart from UVM’s Food Systems Initiative. The panel consisted of Theresa Snow from Salvation Farms, Nick Savasta from Cheese and Wine Traders, Ren Weiner from Miss Weinerz, and Michele Morris from CSWD. This timely topic was even reflected in our snacks - Ren Weiner provided the crowd with samples of her doughnuts made with spent grains from Zero Gravity Brewery.  Delicious!

Ongoing New Year's Resolution: Waste Reduction

Why is it so hard to reform our food system?  Perhaps because so many different arms of the food industry need time and attention.  Take food waste, for example.  It’s neither glamorous nor obvious, but it is starting to become a leading actor in conversations about food system reform.  Why?  Because not only does food waste affect how we approach hunger, it also affects our land use patterns and climate change.

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