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Summer Fun on Farms

Summer is right around the corner and with the sunny weather comes a whole range of on-farm fun! Check out the list below for local events ranging from on-farm meals to ballet, breakfast, biking, and everything in between!

Upcoming Co-op Events on Farms:

  • Grilling Fundamentals

Thursday, June 7

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Intervale Center

Join the wait list here!

Sweet Potato Soda

When you're asked to prepare a presentation on healthy, fizzy fermented beverages to an audience of people who care passionately about growing and eating local food, and it's February (February!) what are you to do? Seizing my courage last week, I took a look around the Produce department and freezer coolers and came up with a few ideas for my workshop at the NOFA Winter Conference - including sweet potato soda.

Sweet Potato Soda

Scenes from Eat Local Week

Eat Local Week is our chance to celebrate the local food and local farms that are such an important part of our community.

Just as there are a diversity of farms in our area that enrich our community in myriad ways, we celebrated Eat Local Week this year with a number of different events. Here are some snapshots of the week. 



Out of the Kitchen and Into the Community - Eat Local Week Celebrates Local Food in Burlington

Individually we make choices - meal by meal, day by day, season by season - to eat local food and support local farms.

Harvest Celebration This Sunday, Kick off to Eat Local Week!

Join us for our Annual Harvest Celebration is this Sunday from Noon - 4:00 p.m.! 

31 of our local farmers and food producers will be serving samples under a big white tent next to the co-op!

The Roots of Eat Local Week

Is it premature to get nostalgic about the early days of the Local Food Movement?

The Champlain Valley Localvore Pod tables at City Market in 2008

And the Winner Is.....

Chewy Maple Cookies. Mmmmm.

Congratulations to Jamie Seiffer, localvore baker extraordinaire and winner of the 2011 We ♥ Local Food dessert recipe competition. Jamie stole the hearts and tastebuds of the sampling crowd at this Saturday’s winter farmers’ market with his Chewy Maple Cookies.

Sweet Rutabaga Cake

I baked up some rutabaga oven fries last week. Once thoroughly roasted, I find rutabaga irresistible – the root vegetable is so unbelievably sweet.

Honey Rutabaga Cake.

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