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Cooking Up Confidence In The No Fuss Kitchen

Homemade cooking doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In an age where packaged and premade food is immediately available, it can be easy to neglect the pots and pans in our kitchens. But cooking from home offers many benefits over eating out; it’s overall healthier, lower in empty calories, higher in nutrition, and is significantly more cost-effective. When out of practice, though, recipes gone wrong can be a frustrating end to your day. So we’re introducing a new cooking workshop series dedicated to making you feel good about getting your hands dirty.

The Nitty Gritty on Pizza

Did you ever wonder how pizza came to be? When Anna Mays teaches a cooking class for City Market, no question is left unanswered! She ties culture, nutrition and cooking info into each of her classes, which gives a comprehensive view of the topic at hand. And her Gluten Free Pizza Class was no exception. As someone who followed a gluten free diet for several years and as an avid pizza-lover, I can say that pizza was the one food that I missed the most during that time, despite having tried many restaurant and frozen options. The pizzas made in City Market’s Gluten Free Pizza class, led by Anna Mays, were excellent and the discussion of the history of pizza enriched the experience.

Stretching your Co-op Shopping Budget

The New Year is here, which has left many of us pondering strategies to be healthier. As many complex resolutions are made, one quite simple approach to do this is by eating well. Eating nutritiously may seem complicated or expensive, but truthfully it is quite simple. Buying raw ingredients and cooking for yourself is often the least expensive choice when shopping, which is one point that we focus on at City Market’s Pennywise Pantry tour.  If you think shopping at the Co-op or purchasing local, healthy or organic foods is too pricey, think again.

Gluten Free for the Holidays

With the holidays approaching and the feasts that accompany them, those with dietary restrictions may feel like they are on restriction. What fun is Thanksgiving without the turkey, the stuffing…the gravy! As someone who has been vegetarian for twenty plus years and was gluten free for two, I know a thing or two about this subject.

Class Recap: Turnips and Parsnips and Rutabagas, Oh My!

In early October, City Market was lucky enough to welcome cookbook author Andrea Chesman back to lead another great class, Demystifying Root Vegetables. Andrea is on a crusade to resolve the bad rap given to root veggies. She believes that people are mistakenly under the impression that root vegetables are difficult to cook and/or cannot be delicious. Well, she certainly shed a new light on roots for me.

Foreign Language Cooking Classes at City Market

What's new with City Market's cooking classes? One answer: Foreign language cooking classes! Since this spring, we have been offering foreign-language cooking classes in Spanish and French, and we are thrilled with the community response. For years, we have provided a venue for instructors from other countries - Bhutan, Burma, Somalia, the Congo, Bosnia, Vietnam and more - to teach about their native cultures and cuisines.

Bosnian Spinach Pitas

Spring has finally sprung, and it seems like the perfect time to write about a recent Mosaic of Flavors class where we made a special Bosnian bread stuffed with spinach. Spinach will always be a "sign of spring" for me, because it's one of the first crops we get from local farmers in the springtime. Its fresh, green color and large, squeaky leaves are a welcome change of pace from root vegetables! 

From Holiday Cheer to New Year

The last two weeks of December, I definitely indulged my sweet tooth a lot. Judging by the capacity at our German and Italian holiday baking classes, I was not the only one who participated with a little extra cheer in the holiday dessert department!

Spirits of Strength and Hope

Once in a while, you meet a person who is hard to forget. In the case of the Mosaic of Flavor series, that seems to happen every month, as one person after another makes a lasting impression on us with his or her presence, stories, and cooking. As one participant in a recent class quipped: “I don’t come for the food, I come for the stories!” Still, at the end of the evening, when these inspiring people have guided us through preparing a dish or dishes from their home countries, from which they are exiled, the food is almost as unforgettable as the stories.

Homemade Potato Gnocchi

How do you make gnocchi? Chef Antonino DiRuocco shows us how!

The first time I tried to make gnocchi, I was 22, living abroad, and a vegetarian. I had no idea how to cook, yet alone to make Italian specialties, but I had it in my head that I would make spinach gnocchi and pictured myself reclining with a plate of perfectly fluffy, bright green gnocchi (because despite the starchiness of the object of my desire, these would be not only delicious, but also HEALTHY, darn it!). Hours later (it may have been 10 or 11 p.m. by this time) - every surface of my small studio apartment was covered with gnocchi and flour as I, in my foolishness, had tried to simply fold in watery spinach and then kept adding more and more flour until I had a massive amount of dough (was it too wet? too dry? by this point, I had no idea. Perhaps another egg would help bind it!). Upon boiling, these little green nuggets became a gluey mass in the pot, and it would be a long time before I could forget the smell of sodden spinach.


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