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Beer and Wine Weekly Update, December 15, 2014

Boyden Valley Winery GloggBy Josh Downs, Beer and Wine Manager

The calm before the storm is over, figuratively and literally.  Holiday season is back in full swing, and winter finally decided to show itself and hit us with the Vermont weather we’ve come to love (or hate, I’m a winter fan myself) and expect.  It’s the kind of weather that makes every night a celebration, because you are just happy you made it home safely and in a relatively timely fashion.  And what better way to celebrate than with a glass of red wine, a nice stout, or, if you are really cold, a warm mug of Glögg.  Glögg is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I say ‘guilty’ because I’ll drink it when it’s 80 degrees outside.  It’s definitely not the throw back a bottle of wine kind of drink, but nothing is more comforting than that warm, spicy, fruity flavor on a cool evening.  For those of you that don’t know what Glögg is, it’s a mulled spice wine that is traditionally served warm (you can throw in some orange slices if it tickles your fancy too).  Glögg is the term used in Nordic countries for mulled wines, but they are by no means the only region that is known for this warm, soothing drink.  Romans were the first creators of mulled wines, and through their conquest of the majority of Europe during the second century AD, they introduced their wine and viticulture to many different regions.  Mulled wines are now a common household favorite around the world.  At City Market, we carry plenty of great wines that you can use to make mulled wine, and we also carry it already made thanks to Boyden Valley’s Glögg. 

December Wine Picks Under $10

By Josh Downs, Beer and Wine Manager, Beer and Wine Department

This month we are featuring two really fun wines out of South Africa.  Fair trade accredited, Goats do Roam was created by Fairview, makers of great wine and cheese, to provide fantastic wine at “value-for-money” prices.  The wines are both blends (a red and a white), consisting of French varietals that are smooth and drinkable.

Goats do Roam Red is ruby in color, with aromas of fresh picked berries, spice, and smoke.  The wine is medium bodied, and fruit forward, with a lightly oaked, soft finish.  Drink this alongside roast duck and root vegetables, or any cold weather comfort food.  Goats do Roam White boasts a floral nose that leads to flavors of apricot and pear.  A crisp, refreshing finish rounds out this very well balanced white.  Enjoy this while eating poultry, salads, or seafood.

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