Salvation Farms' Vermont Commodity Program

The Vermont Commodity Program is Salvation Farms’ food hub and training program. This program moves fruits and vegetables that otherwise wouldn’t be eaten to Vermont’s food shelves and meal programs while offering trainees (a workforce development training crew made up of community members) work-readiness skills and valuable certifications. Salvation Farms’ Vermont Commodity Program is designed to serve community-based gleaning programs, large-scale farms and farm aggregation businesses by managing farm-fresh surplus foods that are at volumes too great for efficient integration into local distribution methods to charitable food access points or other institutions serving Vermont citizens.

Salvation Farms is a non-profit organization driven by a mission to build increased resilience in Vermont’s food system through agricultural surplus management.

Job Summary: 

Members can volunteer at the Vermont Commodity Program facility in Winooski and at a few supporting Salvation Farms gleans throughout the year (designated gleans will be highlighted in our Member Worker emails).

Member Worker Opportunities include:

  • Pack Room Volunteering – cleaning, quality assessing, case-packing, and minimally processing surplus crops - sign up here
  • Work Parties – periodic maintenance projects
  • Ongoing facilities/maintenance projects
  • Designated gleans a few times a year that support VT Commodities
Contact Info: 

Danielle Smith,, 802-888-4360