New Farms for New Americans (NFNA)

New Farms for New Americans (NFNA) is a community-based gardening and agriculture program for refugees and immigrants. A program of AALV, INC since 2008, NFNA serves over 200 people each year. Participants in the program bring a great deal of agricultural experience from their homelands. Food cultivation is an avenue to earn supplemental income, maintain culture, feed family and take care of mental and physical well-being.

NFNA participants are eager to learn, adapt, and continue cultivating food in the U.S. NFNA supports these aspirations by linking participants to land, marketing opportunities, training and technical assistance.

Job Summary: 

Member Worker opportunities include:

Short Term Opportunities:
General Labor: Work days, Opening Gardens (May- June), Closing Down Gardens (October.)

Long Term Opportunities:
Maintain Pollinator Garden: Six people to oversee two butterfly gardens. Spring to Fall, 4 hours a month, hours flexible! Duties: planting, weeding and watering
Weeding: Six people to help maintain weeds along the central irrigation path at the garden. Spring to Fall, 4 hours a month, hours flexible but consistent. Duties: weeding, moving ‘weed here’ signs, and educating farmers on maintaining clear paths.
Photography: One person per summer. Duties: spends time at the two farming locations getting to know farmers and taking photographs for NFNA material, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Contact Info: 

Alisha Laramee