Willow Hill Farm

Willow Hill Farm Butternut Cheese

313 Hardscrabble Rd
Milton, VT 05468
United States

In 1991, Willow and David acquired a 400 acre farm and a herd of sheep and started Willow Hill Farm. They now also make cow milk cheese, but continue to be dedicated to using old world methods and believe it directly affects flavor. All of their animals graze on the native grasses and herbs of their hillside pastures, which in turn create unique flavor profiles. Each batch of cheese is handmade and then matured in underground caves that are ventilated by the surrounding woodland. Willow Hill’s cave is the only one of its kind in the USA; somewhat like a mini-Roquefort cave with its back wall providing natural molds and droplets of water that are indigenous to the farm.  You can find Willow Hill Farm cheeses in our Cheese Department.